You’ve had a terrific summer vacation season and you’re ready to focus more on growing your business. So, now what?

Now’s the perfect time to re-evaluate your communications plan and consider new ways to reach out to past, present and future clients and referral partners. Look at what has worked well for you over the past season or year and then decide where you could make improvements.

Some important questions to consider:

  1. Am I posting informative blogs containing unique content to my website at least monthly in order to continually build my local expert status?
  2. Am I posting to my social media accounts at least three times per week to ensure I remain top of mind?
  3. Does my database hear from me at least every month on seasonally relative and timely subjects to ensure they use or refer my services?
  4. Is my messaging consistent across all communications platforms?
  5. What have I always wanted to try to boost my business?
  6. What’s my plan?

If you don’t have a plan, it’s difficult to ensure all your bases are covered. And revisiting that plan every quarter is essential to ensuring your efforts are paying off. And, if not, this enables you to quickly change course so you’re always getting the best bang for your marketing dollars.

New things you can try today:

  • Post your first blog
  • Open an Instagram business account
  • Start a podcast or video blog

Regardless of what you decide to do next, there’s always someone close by who has implemented something similar and can offer some sound advice. Why not benefit from tried and true communications tools others are successfully using right now?

And if planning and writing aren’t your forte, you can always enlist the services of an expert who can help ensure you’re on the right track. Answers to your questions are just a call or email away!