We all know that first impressions matter. We form an opinion about someone in the first few minutes we talk on the phone or in person… or even how they express themselves through email or direct message.

And while you may “kill it” during that first meeting, it’s really important to have materials available that your potential client or referral partner can review once you’re gone. These pieces should reiterate the main points you want to ensure they remember about the benefits of working with you.

That’s why it’s helpful to have short professional marketing pieces ready to address the needs of different types of clients and referral partners. These can include links, pdfs or even printed materials – whichever you think will resonate best with your audience.

Here are 3 effective marketing materials to keep on hand:

  • Blogs – The absolute best bang for your marketing dollars as they can be repurposed as social media posts, newsletters and condensed into other types of educational/promotional pieces.
  • Postcards – These are great for summarizing the top three or four ways a particular client or referral type can benefit from your products and/or services. And, because they’re double-sided, you can also include your contact information, head shot, social media accounts, website, etc so all your details are in one place. These can be handed out or mailed in hard copy form or sent electronically as a pdf, depending on how your contact prefers to receive information. These are also great for doing joint promotions with business partners who offer complementary services as you can share the costs and each have one side to customize.
  • Fact Sheets – These are one-page pieces (hard copy or pdf) on a specific topic or niche market that require more space than a postcard would allot. Again, they can be handed out or mailed in hard copy form or sent electronically as a pdf, depending on how your contact prefers to receive information.

All three of these different marketing materials can be hosted on your website and made available under specific categories. As well, whenever someone asks for additional information, you have something ready to send. This is also a great way to cut down on time answering the most common questions you’re asked throughout the course of your workday.

And if you decide to do a promotional targeted mailing, for instance, you’ll already have a template available that you can print and send as is or tweak to ensure it works for your intended audience.

Be sure to review all materials on a regular basis and update as needed to keep them as relevant as possible.

If writing isn’t the best use of your time, you can always enlist the services of an expert who can help ensure your key messages are coming across loud and clear. From brainstorming and planning to content writing and graphic design, we have you covered. Answers to your questions are just a call or email away!