Spring offers a fresh perspective and hope for the warmer months to come. It’s also a great time to rejuvenate your business communications plan.

Now a quarter into the year, think about where you planned to be by now when you set your New Year’s goals. How’s your plan working? Not sticking to your plan as much as you’d like? No worries. There’s no time like the present to launch your forward momentum.

Getting started

The best way to recharge your business is to pick one solution you offer clients and record some main points you’d like to get across about how this product/service can help them moving forward. And the ideas don’t have to be complex. The clearer and more concise, the better.

Next, think of different ways you could convey each main point from this solution across different platforms – such as social media, blogs, database emails/letters, flyers, and so on. But, whatever you do, make sure at least one of the methods you use pushes you beyond your comfort zone so you’re trying something you’ve never done before.

Focus on three methods and be consistent. After all, it’s what you do regularly over time that will have the greatest positive impact on your business. For instance, hone in on this campaign and post to social media about it at least once a week, send one database letter/email per month and write one blog per month to help get your key messaging across.

It’s easy to get comfortable in how you run your business and continue to do things the way they’ve always been done. Unfortunately, this can make your approach stale and easily take you off your path to achieving new milestones/goals every year.

And once you’ve taken this active approach for spring, why not choose another solution and key points for a summer campaign? The sky’s the limit.

Measure your results

Chances are, you closely monitor how your business is generated. But, if not, be sure to ask people what prompted them to reach out to you, so you know what’s working in your new plan.

It may also be helpful to seek feedback from your peers, referral partners, coaches, mentors, family, etc – anyone you trust to offer honest feedback that can help you moving forward.

Get professional advice

Or, perhaps you’d rather focus your attention on networking and closing deals once people come in your door?

You can always enlist the services of an expert who can help ensure you’re on the right track. Answers to your questions are just a call or email away!