If you haven’t started a regular blog, chances are, you’ve thought about it many times.

Perhaps you worry about not having anything to write about… or maybe you’re wondering if that’s an effective use of your time?

If you’re running a business fulltime, you should have plenty to write about.

How many times have you been asked the same questions by clients and typed a response via email or spoken about the same thing via phone or during in-person meetings? People obviously want to hear about this topic, so why aren’t you blogging about it?

Have you read articles that have gotten something really wrong about your industry/market? Dispelling myths is another great blog topic.

If you’re part of the Canadian mortgage or real estate industries, for instance, you should be blogging about the mortgage changes coming into effect in January and helping ease the minds of your clients. After all, now is the time to educate, not scare Canadians. The mainstream media reports enough doom and gloom for everyone.

More bang for your marketing buck

Blogs offer among the best payoff of anything you could be doing to communicate right now. That’s because, once you have a blog ready, the content can be easily repurposed for so many other uses right away, including:

  1. Social media posts. Each major point from your blog can be used as a social media post across all your accounts – and linked back to your full blog posting on your website.
  2. Database communications. Let your clients and referral partners know how you can help them. Blogs are full of tips and tricks – information you can give away without selling anything, but that will help keep you top of mind for future business and referrals.
  3. Local media articles. Pitch the main points of your blog to your local media outlets as fresh, educational content that will add value to their readers – online, in print or both.

A catalogue of blogs also makes for great material to link to when you receive email inquiries. This will allow you to briefly type an answer and then invite people to read your blog for more information. What a fantastic way to solidify yourself as an expert in your field.

And if blogging is not the best use of your time, hire someone to do it for you. You’re an expert in your field, and we’re experts in communications.

Answers to your questions are just a call or email away!